What is E2E Testing ?

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End-to-end testing (E2E testing) is a software testing technique that tests the entire software system from start to finish, including all the components and interfaces that make up the system. It simulates real-world scenarios to ensure that the software system is functioning as expected, and all the components are working together seamlessly. End-to-end testing typically involves testing the user interface, business logic, database, and external interfaces with other systems. The primary objective of end-to-end testing is to validate the system's flow and behavior, identify any potential issues and provide feedback on the system's performance, functionality, and user experience. End-to-end testing can be automated using specialized tools, which can save time and effort, while providing more accurate results. Properly executed end-to-end testing helps ensure that the software system is ready for release, meets the stakeholders' requirements and expectations, and is free of defects or issues that may impact the end-user experience.

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